Todo mundo sabe que pra ficar online no site de Au Pair é preciso criar uma carta para a host family. Eu costumava enviar minha carta por e-mail para quem me questionava, mas agora resolvi deixar disponível nesse post e vocês pegarem por aqui mesmo =)


Hello Host Family ,

My name is Michelle and I’m 20 years old. I was born in São Paulo in December 1993 , but in 1997 my family and I moved to Blumenau in the state of Santa Catarina which is where I live today. 
Since I was a child I always had easy time to make new friends. I enjoy meeting new people and dealing with their differences. It’s amazing to think that each one has their own story and I ‘m making part of this. Besides making friends, as a child I loved to visit my grandmother and eating her wonderful food, play with my neighbors and play violin. I believe by having facility to meet new people and be connected to my family will help me a lot during the Au Pair program. 
I have two brothers and a sister, all older than me. They are married and have children. I’m an aunt since I was 10 years old, and I love it! Playing with my nephews, prepare recipes and spend hours having fun with them is very good. My parents are separated since I was 12 and this is not a problem for me, I get along well with them. 
I currently live with my mother in a small apartment. We are both very friendly and sometimes not even feel like mother and daughter. She helps and supports me anytime. My mother is very happy with my decision to be an Au Pair. 
I like to do many things, I am very eclectic and do not like being idle too long. Among my favorite hobbies are listening to music, reading books, watching shows and movies, traveling, surfing on internet and go out dancing with my friends. I have a blog for girls, where I talk about travel, fashion, beauty and food! The blog is a very good hobby for me because it makes me write every day and brings me new friends. 
I’m studying Advertising at the Regional University of Blumenau. I’m in seventh period and I will take a break fromcollege to do my Au Pair program. When I return to Brazil, my priority will be finish college, with a lot of amazing experiences on baggage, and a lot more mature.
I love the world of communication and advertising, is very interesting, dynamic and technology, things that I love! I worked a long time in the company of my brothers as assistant in Marketing. I had meetings all week, rode internal and external campaigns, organizing events and more. In short, I was dealing with people every day and it made me very happy.
I currently work at Hering Museum, a museum that preserves the story of the clothing brand Hering and some history of Blumenau. In the museum we receive many school classes with children of many different ages, NGOs, orphanages and general community. Every day I deal with children and adults making educational games and showing them the whole history of the company in an illustrative and dynamic way. 

About my future, I’m sure I want to do this Au Pair program to know a new family, befriending children and teach them new things every day. Grow along with their children, will be very enjoyable, help them in the duties and sees them becoming better people every day will make me very happy. I like to take good things for people and with my Host Family will be no different. I also want to see new places, cultures and having incredible experiences in another country. I have never traveled so far and I know it will add a lot in my life experience. 
I would like to thank the family that will pick me. I am dedicating myself in every way for this program and I am improving my English daily. I’ll do my best and I will be very happy, trust me!

Best Regards,
Michelle Alves 

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